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The Chase

The Chase
TV review

I admit, this is one of the original shows on Game Show Network or GSN that I really like!  The show is based off of the British version which has the same name.  In the US version, there are three players instead of four.  And in the US version, Mark Labbett from England is called The Beast.  And boy, he is a beast when it comes to quiz questions!  On the UK version, he has taken down many players and has dashed the hopes and dreams of the contestant’s money hopes.  In the US version, he is feisty as ever and he wants people to lose.

          I am a really big game show junkie, I mean I really love game shows!  I loved watching Game Show Network when they showed classic game shows from back in the day.  Today, many of the game shows on TV are stuff I would never watch.  So for this TV Review post, I am going to review one game show that I really like, one game show that is so-so, and another game show that is really bad and not worth watching.


I find both Mark Labbett and host Brooke Burns as very entertaining.  And this is in my opinion one of the best new game shows to premiere in the USA in a long time!  I think you will enjoy this game show as well!

About The Game

Here’s how this game show works.  Three new contestants compete for the beginning of the game. The first contestant have one minute to answer as many rapid-fire questions as he or she can, with each correct answer worth $5,000 to their bank.  After the minute is up, the contestant competes against ‘The Beast in’ order to retain their bank and continue to the Final Chase.

In the Chase, the contestant’s goal is to answer enough questions correctly to move their winnings into the team bank without being caught by ‘The Beast’.  The contestant must answer five questions correctly without being caught by ‘The Beast’ and continue to the Final Chase.  However, ‘The Beast’ offers the contestant two additional options prior to the start of the round.  The contestant can play for a higher amount of money than initially banked, but must instead answer six questions correctly without being caught.  The contestant can choose to play for a one step lower or one step higher amount and only be required to answer four questions correctly (for lower) and six question (for higher) without being caught.  The other two contestants also have their chance to compete against ‘The Beast’.

For the finale, the team has two minutes to answer as many questions as possible.  Each question answered correctly adds a space from ‘The Beast’ to the game board.  After time expires, ‘The Beast’ is then given two minutes to catch the team by correctly answering as many questions as the number of spaces shown on the game board.  For each correct answer, ‘The Beast’ moves one step closer. When the ‘The Beast’ answers incorrectly or passes, the clock is stopped and the team is asked the same question. If they get the question correct, they move ‘The Beast’ back one step.  Regardless of the result, the clock then begins counting down from the position at which it was stopped, and the ‘The Beast’ continues to answer questions.  If the ‘The Beast’ runs out of time to catch the team, the team splits the banked money equally.  However, if the ‘The Beast’ successfully catches the team, the team leaves with no money.


Something You Should Know About ‘The Beast’ (Mark Labbett)

Labbett works as a question writer for Redtooth, a quiz company from Barlborough near Chesterfield. After two years of part-time work as a promoter for them, he moved to South Yorkshire in 2013 in order to work more often with them. Labbett obtained an MA in mathematics from Oxford University, a PGCE in secondary education from the University of Exeter, and a CPE and LPC (qualifications in law) from the University of Glamorgan. He taught in secondary schools, and worked as a supply teacher in maths and physical education. Labbett became interested in quizzing when working at Butlins holiday camp, where he supplemented his income with winnings from the quiz machines. His pop quiz team won a weekend in Paris in April 2001 after competing in the national competition, Jumbo Quiz.


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